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Mother Theresa’s Simple Path

I just finished reading, “A simple path”, by Mother Theresa. One word,…Amazing.  I to0k notes on some of the things I learned from the book.

“Let Jesus use you without consulting you.” Mother Theresa

“God give me the strength to accept what is in your plan for me.” A dentist that volunteers with the order

“God is so busy with us, you just can’t resist him.” Sister Delores

“One volunteer had a tough time in Calcutta, he felt he didn’t do much besides sit with people, feed them, and stroke them while they died. When asked by a sister how he got on he said, ‘I was there.’ She said, ‘What were St. John and our blessed mother doing at the foot of the cross.'” Sister Theresa

“People often ask me, what I think about homosexuals, I always answer that I do not judge people.” Sister Theresa

These are just a few that really inspired me. Throughout the book I was challenged to live my faith and grow closer to God. One thing she mentioned over and over again was the fact that she didn’t preach to people, she loved them. She showed up, shut up and went to work and expected her volunteers to do the same. I agree with much of the way she lived her life and hope to one day have the courage to live as bold as her.

I was out celebrating mother’s day with my own mom yesterday and we got to talking about Mother Theresa. My dad said, “You know it’s a shame that Princess Diana died the same time as Mother Theresa, she took all of the Media and Attention.”

I thought about that a little. You know. I think Mother Theresa would have preferred it exactly the way it happened. She didn’t life a life of glamour and recognition. She lived a life of shadows and secretly loving people with no one watching. Even though in my soul I would have liked to demand her more honor, I know her humble soul wouldn’t allow it.

May God help me not to walk a path that is complicated, media driven, recognition craving and very lonely. May he help me learn to walk a simple path.